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Located in Brookings, OR, Guardians By The Sea Inc is dedicated to delivering premium eldery care services to seniors from the comfort of their home. With the assistance of highly qualified caregivers, we put a big emphasis on improving each client’s quality of life and ensuring that they are safe, happy, and healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Facility Where You Provide Care?

No, we are not a facility with residents on site. Our clients enjoy in-home care services without having to adjust to a new environment.

Will I Have A Different Caregiver Everyday?

No, we match a caregiver to the client’s personality as best we can. That way, each client is paired with a caregiver they can relate to and connect with, making it easier to help them. You can request another caregiver, and we’ll search for a match that will make you happy.

Do I Need A Doctor’s Authorization For Your In-Home Care Services?

No, a doctor does not need to sign off or prescribe our in-home care service before you can use it. To start, simply contact us and tell us what your needs are and how frequently you need our services. We’ll match you with a suitable caregiver in no time.

Can You Provide Transportation For Doctor Appointments?

Yes, we can arrange transportation to medical appointments and procedures. The earlier you notify us, the better. Alternatively, you can set up a regular schedule so you never miss an appointment.

Do You Accept Medicare or Medicaid?

No, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

What Makes You Different?

We are passionate about helping our clients live their life happily in the comfort of their homes. It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable and are able to build a connection with the home caregivers while also feeling like they have a sense of control over their life.

This All Sounds Great. What Is The Next Step?

Give us a call now at 541-661-7011. We’ll evaluate your needs and recommend the right services and caregiver. A caregiver can be with you as soon as today!

For more information about our in-home care services, contact us or call us at 541-661-7011 today!

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